There are two versions of the application available: the Standard version and the Professional version. As the Standard application is a sub-set of the Professional version, the documentation for the Standard version also covers the Professional version. The documentation for the Professional application only covers the additional functionality.

Both documents can be viewed here in pdf format:

Viking Runes – Help Document

Viking Runes – Professional Help Document

It is important to recognise that the use of the Viking Runes is purely to help clarify the thought processes. There is no decision-making involved; instead it allows the reader to focus their thought process on specific areas, rather than having a thousand different ideas all fighting for attention. The following sections describe how to use the VikingRunes software:



There are different types of spreads. VikingRunes contains six of the most popular, which are detailed here.



A full description of each rune.


Using the Runic Guide Application

Included with Viking Runes – Help Document

This section helps the reader to understand the Viking Runes and how it can help them.


Professional Developer Application

Included with Viking Runes – Professional Help Document

This is a supplementary document to the user guide that comes with the Standard application. It is intended to provide guidance on how to use the additional functionality that the Professional version has over the Standard version.